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The Hand is a Powerful Tool
Susanna Ungaro LMT, NCTMB

Susanna Ungaro is a graduate of the Swedish Institute where she studied massage
and Chinese Acupressure/shiatsu. She practices *massage therapy both in
New York and the Hamptons. She has been licensed in New York State and has a National Certificate since 1995 and can practice anywhere is the US where a license is required.
Her practice includes Swedish, Sport, Deep Tissue, Medical, Prenatal/Perinatal; she
teaches parents how to massage their babies from birth to twelve months. 
She has studied and is certified in cranio-sacral manipulation, Lymphatic
drainage, Reiki, Reflexology, Thai, Massage for the cancer patient along with
the art of aromatherapy. Susanna incorporates these various modalities of holistic
healing into a one hour (or longer) customized massage.

"Americans are rediscovering the value of the ancient healing art of massage. Once a luxury item for the elite, now becoming a necessity for people trying to cope with fast-passed lives"

-The New York Times

-Increases circulation and nutrition to the body tissue
-Increases energy and vitality
-Improves flexibility and muscle tone
-Increases body awareness and sense of well being
-Reduces stress and fatigue
-breaks the mental stress/body tension/pain pattern
-Accelerates recovery from new and old injuries
-Helps prevent new injuries
-Restores and maintains your health

Swedish massage is a series of strokes designed to induce relaxation,
enhance circulation, and increase range of motion. It can assist in helping
the body remove toxins and deliver nutrients to tissues and cells
more efficiently, helping the body to recover from strains and trauma
more quickly. Hot and cold packs can be used along with suggested
exercises and or stretches.

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue which is geared toward a
specific area of the body. If there is a limited range of motion which
has been cased either by over use or injury. This type of massage can
be applied before, during or after an event.

Deep Tissue massage is a form of Swedish massage that is more like a
treatment. Applying firm pressure to tight areas where muscle fibers
may be stuck. Creating space and improving circulation, pushing out
toxins and allowing nutrients back in. It can involve fists, elbows,
feet and knees. This is specifically tailored to the client's needs.

Medical massage is a form of Swedish massage that has developed
specific techniques for treating injuries and a wide variety of
illnesses as well as aiding in physical rehabilitation. Massage
Therapists who practice medical massage work under a prescription
provided by a physician or chiropractor directing them in their method
of treatment.  Medical massage treatments are frequently shorter than
full-body massages as they are directed toward local problem areas in
the body.

Prenatal massage helping the body to adjust to the specific
discomforts associated with pregnancy. This massage is usually given
to a woman side lying  comfortably with a pillow under her belly.
Perinatal massage addresses edema (water retention), it can help
with weight loss or gain. And will relieve stress and tension. And baby likes it too.

Lymphatic Drainage is the lightest touch of manipulation. The Lymphatic system
has no hart and can only be 
manipulated manually. This clear fluid is found
between the skin and muscles. If not  flowing properly can cause swelling.
Lymphatic drainage is beneficial after air travel, cosmetic surgery or after lymph
node removal (with doctor’s approval). 

Shiatsu "finger Pressure" a Japanese system of healing that derived
from the precepts of traditional Chinese medicine originating
thousands of years ago. Shiatsu is the art of applying pressure with
the fingers, hands, elbows or knees to pressure points along invisible
channels of energy called meridians. These are the same points into
which an acupuncturist inserts needle. The goal of shiatsu is to
balance the flow of vital life energy in the body. In addition to
pressure along the lines of meridians, shiatsu can also involve gentle

Reflexology is the manipulation of the feet or hands helps to improve
circulation, eases pain, and increase relaxation in the body.
Reflexology is based on the theory that all body parts, organs, and
glands are associated with specific areas, called reflex zones in the
hands and feet and serve as mini map for the corresponding body parts.

Craniosacral Therapy was developed as a hands-on approach to healing
that applies gentle non-invasive pressure to balance what is known as
the cranial/sacral system.  This form of bodywork aims to ease
restrictions in the bones and soft tissue forming the skull, mouth and
face (cranium), the vertebral column, and the bones at the base of the
spine (sacrum). Craniosacral Therapy balances the rhythmic flow of the
cerebrospinal fluid to restore balance to the central nervous system
and the entire body.

Reiki is an ancient Tibetan Healing Art Form dating back 3000 years.
The word Reiki means universal life energy. This vital force/energy
flows through all living beings. Practitioners are specially trained
and attuned to this energy by a Reiki Master. They become a channel
for this energy, allowing it to flow into your being. Reiki energy has
an intelligence of its own so that you receive it wherever it is
needed. This is a 'hand on' form of energy work. The practitioner
moves their hands over different parts of the body to certain areas
with a light and comforting touch. (The word Reiki consists of two
parts. Rei describes the universal, boundless aspect of this energy,
while Ki is in itself part of Rei. Ki is also named Chi by the
Chinese, Holy Ghost by the Christians, and Prana by the Hindus, etc.)

Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils extracted from plants
and flowers to heal through sense and smell. Essential oils are a
highly concentrated, volatile mixture of potent chemicals