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"Susanna has perfected the art of the 'feel-good' therapeutic massage. Her technique debunks the myth that massages can't be pleasurable and have lasting impact. She has an intuitive gift for massage, and I leave her sessions with a renewed body and spirit."

- Jeff Brooks, NYC



"In a word...she's terrific…She's the best I've ever had"

- Elaine Stritch


"In six months, what seems a very short six months. Susanna and I have explored what works for me in dealing with chronic pain and very old beliefs (and myths) about nutrition. My trust and respect in her has grown by many leaps since I am now able to not only feel the improvement in my "pain battle" but now have the knowledge in knowing where to go to get answers. all of this is due to her."

- Rusty Fox, NYC

"Susanna is the best massage therapists in the city!  My work demands many hours at the computer and she is not only able to make my neck and shoulders feel like new again but my entire body.  Her years and years of experience and natural talent make all the difference."

-Andrew Toth, NYC